Montana Gluten Free Naked Oats

PrOatina Naked Oats  Private Oat variety 100% Whole Oat Sprout-.jpg
PrOatina Naked Oats  Private Oat variety 100% Whole Oat Sprout-.jpg

Montana Gluten Free Naked Oats

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Naked Oats – 100% Whole Grain Oat Groats

  • Gluten Free Product

  • Sproutable

  • Good Source of Protein and Soluble Fiber

  • 100 Percent Whole Grain PrOatina Oats

  • Naturally Delicious

  • ELISA G12 and R5 Tested

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Description Naked Oats – 100% Raw Whole Oat Groats is a wonderfully unique product! (formerly know as Rocky Mountain Rice) It makes a delicious and nutritious rice replacement– our oats contain three times the protein and half the glycemic index of white rice! Simply cook it as you would brown rice for a delicious gluten free side without the worrisome and controversial arsenic levels associated with brown rice. Delicious Naked Oat recipes (and others!) available

Naked Oats are sproutable! Because our special oat variety, PrOatina, is naturally hulless, we are able to keep the oat truly raw and avoid damaging the germ in our processing procedures. This keeps the enzymes needed for sprouting alive. Make your own micro-greens and sprouted oat recipes!

Cooked as a rice replacement, sprouted Naked Oats are more similar to white rice in texture and consistency – unsprouted Naked Oats are more like brown rice. Sprouting is very easy and requires very simple equipment – most of which you probably have in your kitchen already.

Nutrition: Our PrOatina oat variety of naked oat (avena Nuda sp.) was selected for high protein; our protein is 3 to 4% higher than other oats, usually near 20% protein. PrOatina oat meal is very low in the G12 protein which causes some gluten sensitive people to have problems with other lines of oats.

Ingredients: Whole Grain Gluten Free Naked Oats