Montana Gluten Free Dessert Crust Mix


Montana Gluten Free Dessert Crust Mix


• No GMO

• 100% Whole Grain

• Contains Gluten Free Oats

• Montana Grown

• Gluten Free Product

• ELISA Tested less than 3ppm

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Dessert Crust Mix (formally Lemon Bar Dessert Mix) makes a wonderful crust for all your gluten free desserts. Craving delicious tangy lemon bars? Has it been a while since you enjoyed cheesecake? Your friends will not know it is gluten-free! Can also be used to make raspberry or cherry bars or apple crisp – feel free to experiment!

Ingredients: Timtana Flour (timothy grass seed), tapioca, powdered sugar, PrOatina Flour (GF oat), sugar, xanthan gum, salt